The Weather made easy

People and developers in charge of adding meteorological information into applications are not meteorological specialists. Therefore dealing with meteorological data comes at a high cost and involves delay.

From this statement, our carefully crafted APIs include these innovations and features :

Best Model

MetSafe platform is powered by several numerical weather models which can be global or limited area high resolution models. The best model feature automatically selects for the user the best data available around the location of the 4D trajectory among many weather models best available model for your needs .

Multi Model Products

Innovative approach that combines different numerical weather models to generate products associated with a confidence index that reflects the models consensus

SWIM and OGC compliance

Our services are SWIM yellow profile compliants with full traceability to the standards : IWXXM, AIXM, AIRM concepts and OGC best practices

JSON first

Beyond XML format, all our APIs are available in JSON or geoJSON for easy integration

Our Services


Weather Impact Prediction for Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management

Key Features

  • Delivered as a webservice
  • Simple JSON API for fast integration into ATM tools
  • Access to historical data for Post-Ops analysis
VigiAero is a meteorological decision support tool for better weather ATFCM regulation. The algorithm makes a real time analysis of MET and ATM informations to deliver meteorological impact on ATM Sectors for the next 24h
VigiAero is designed to include all weather hazards that can impact ATFCM and ATC : convection, icing, CAT..
ATFCM : Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management
ATC : Air Traffic Control