Weather made simple

for your aviation applications

Who we are

MetSafe is at the confluence of three domains of expertise : IT, Aviation, Weather.

We design, develop and operate a meteorological webservices platform that allows the aviation industry to integrate weather information into their own applications in a fast and cost efficient manner.

What we do

Discover our services

Access To Data

Catalogue of global Meteorological and Environmental products accessible through a simple SWIM compliant API

Weather Profile

Extraction of weather information around a 4D trajectory


Weather Impact Prediction for Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management

Airport Service

Tailored Weather and Environnemental data for Airport solutions

Why Choose Us

Customers benefits

Fast Integration

Access data and services through simple and standardized web APIs.

Focus on core business

Our services are designed to make weather simple so that you can focus on developping your own applications.

One stop shop for global data

Access to global state of the art meteorological products from multiple meteorological service providers.

Quality of Service

Our cloud based architecture is designed to provide ATM-grade availability ensured through Service Level Agreement.