About Us


The output of the first SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) Joint Undertaking programme, known as SESAR 1 that ran from 2008 to 2016, has permitted to demonstrate that the use of meteorology information is still sub-optimal in the ATM sector, resulting in a concrete decrease of capacity, efficiency and lower safety level.

The System Wide Infrastructure Management (SWIM) which is the new intranet for Air Traffic Management (ATM) has opened new opportunities for innovation in ATM by allowing access to a multiple source of data and services from ATM stakeholders.

In this context of innovation, a team of ATM and MET experts decide to bring together experience, expertise, skills and knowledge to explore innovative ATM services through a Business to Business services system : MetSafe services’ platform is born.

Our Vision

Whereas meteorology has a huge impact in terms of safety and efficiency, today use of meteorological information is suboptimal.

Aviation operations will be made safer and more efficient through better access and use of MET information by all aviation stakeholders. More specifically, we believe weather should be made simple and accessible so that our customer can focus on their core business while benefiting from state of the art meteorological information.

To achieve this vision, MetSafe has developed a unique cloud based meteorological platform relying on the latest technologies and standards.

This platfrom has been designed to be the specialised meteorological back office of ANSPs, airport and the aviation industries.

Management Team



Kamel REBAÏ is an experienced aeronautical engineer (ENAC) with 20-years experience as a project Manager within DGAC (French Air Navigation Service Provider).

He complemented this experience with Meteorological expertise gained through 7-years in MeteoFrance (French Meteorological Service Provider) as Head of software development.

This combined meteorological and aviation experience led to the creation of MetSafe in 2018.



Maxime Warnier is a senior expert in Meteorology, ATM and software development.

He started his career in the management of aeronautical weather sensors at Paris airports. His interest in software development led him to become the lead developer on the French national weather alert project.

In 2018, Maxime took the role of MetSafe Chief Technical Officer.