We deliver different kinds of products from multiple sources and providers. It includes real-time global products from regulated sources to environmental forecast model and homemade multi-model products like convection or contrail forecast.

All of our products are in a vectorized form, that means it can be used to draw a map or to make computations in machine to machine operations. Most of time it consist of polygones or points with properties (time, severity etc..).


  • TAF
  • TCA
  • VAA

Real Time Weather Hazards

Thunderstorms Observations

  • Global convection by Satellite including +1H nowcasting
  • Local Convection by Radar including +1H nowcasting
  • Lightning (ground based and satellite)

Forecasted Weather Hazards

Numerical Weather Model ( forecast +24h , 1 hour step)

  • Icing Probability
  • Clear Air Turbulences ( CAT )

Numerical Weather Model with confidence index ( MetSafe products )

Gridded Data

Data from Numerical models

  • MET : Temperature, humidity, wind, ceiling, visibility ... [your needs]
  • ENV : SO2, Particles (PM, Wind Sand...)
Our data is coming from various sources :
  • Meteo-France
  • Meteorage
  • NOAA
  • Copernicus
  • DWD
  • FMI
We can add new providers and parameters on demand and depending your needs