22 October 2016

Expert Services

Beyond provision of meteorological core SWIM services, added values lie in the integration of MET and ATM through SWIM.

All our services are easy to integrate in your systems thanks to tailored API

Extraction of weather information around a flight trajectory

Withing a second, this webservice extract the weather forecast along a 4D trajectory. Send a list of 4D points and we respond with weather values, all in json.

Such a service allows to anticipate and integrate weather phenomena (wind, temperature, hazards…) into the flight trajectory management for both air (i.e. Electronic Flight Bag ) and ground applications (i.e. Flight Plan Data Processing system).

Extraction of winds around a flight trajectory in Europe

Translation of weather into impacts and warnings for the Air Traffic Management community

In presence of adverse weather conditions, the ATM capacity per sector can be dramatically decreased. To overcome limitations of the current practices (particularly ICAO regulated SIGMET product), we process state of the art meteorological forecast and real time weather information to provide early warnings on loss of ATM capacity per sector.

The goal is to support ATM planning and near real time decision making.

Real time analysis of weather impact on ATM capacity for a French sector