22 October 2016


Based on the 4DWeatherCube concept developed in SESAR 1,  the objective of our services platform is to deliver state of the art meteorological products for Air Traffic Management through an Application Programming Interface.

Our users can build their own application or services on top of our SWIM yellow profile (ground/ground profile) compliant services.

Global products are based on global numerical weather prediction model, satellite derived products and ICAO annex 3 regulated products:

  • ICAO / WMO SWIM compliant format
  • Gridded data and object format
  • GeoJson translation of all of our products
  • A Service Level Agreement which ensures that the service is delivered as per the Quality of Service user requirements
  • Time horizon which includes online access to data from -7days to +36H for model-based products.
  • Samples of our API* freely available to assess the capability to integrate our services in your application

> Temperature, humidity, wind, tropopause

> Weather Hazards

Convection: Rapid Development Thunderstorm

Clear Air Turbulence


Lightning detection


*API is described in ‘MetSafe API Description’ available on demand

Examples of HMI using our API

Example of MetSafe meteorological information integration into the Controller Working Position

Extraction of gridded temperature and wind over asia AT FL160 at time + 12H- Satellite derived Rapid Developing Thunderstorm includes nowcasting which predicts the evolution of convection for the next hour

Traffic and convection over South France including nowcast +1H (in dots) – July 2017